Israel has sent $20,000 worth of disaster relief supplies to Sri Lanka, as heavy rains triggered deadly floods across much of the country. The Embassy of Israel in Colombo gave the supplies to the Disaster Relief Management Ministry of Sri Lanka.

The disaster relief supplies include water pumps, water filters, solar lighting kits, LED torches and 50,000 tablets for water purification.

Ambassador of Israel to Sri Lanka Daniel Carmon said that if the need arises, Israel will also send experts in the field of water to the island nation.

“Friendship between people – but more so between nations – is tested in times of need. As a friend and partner of Sri Lanka, Israel was honored to provide emergency assistance following the recent floods,” said Carmon.

“We have every intention that this emergency aid would ease the recovery of the areas affected by the floods and that it will transform into a strong and meaningful cooperation in the field of water.

“Our hearts and minds are with the People of Sri Lanka and especially the families of the victims and all of those who were affected by the floods, as the loss of lives and the damages are truly heart breaking.”