Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Photo by milan.sk, under a GNU free documentation license

It seems like we only hear bad news when it comes to Israel’s educational rankings these days. Where once we were known for our prowess in math and science in particular, annual polls consistently put us near the bottom of the list for developed nations. Inside the country, we are warned that if educational budgets are not increased dramatically, there will be no next generation of hi-tech entrepreneurs.

So it’s refreshing to read that we are actually number two when it comes to how many Israelis have completed post-secondary education: 45%. We’re right after Canada and before Japan, the U.S., New Zealand, South Korea, Norway, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Finland.

True, that’s talking about the current rankings, and there’s no guarantee that young Israelis growing up in today’s system will maintain that level, but there’s no reason to spoil the party just yet.

The data is from a report released by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which also says that 78% of the money invested in education in Israel is taken directly from public funds.