Israel’s extreme sports run the gamut from kitesurfing and paragliding to bouldering — rock climbing without a harness.

Diverse topography. beautiful scenery. good weather year round –and a population addicted to adrenaline highs. No wonder Israel is one of the leading places for extreme sports worldwide.


Bouldering is an extreme form of rock climbing.

Scuba diving in the Dead Sea, mountain biking at Masada, plus kitesurfing (a crazy combination of surfing, windsurfing, paragliding and gymnastics), stand-up paddle-boarding, skydiving … Israel has it all.

Moreover, Israel was recently voted the No. 1 country for adventure tourism by the global Adventure Travel Trade Association.

ISRAEL21c tries bouldering, an extreme form of rock climbing without ropes, with the guidance of Yuval Hamburg of Performance Rock Gym. “We’re definitely a nation looking for adventure and we find it,” says Hamburg.