The technology transfer company of Israel’s Ben-Gurion University (BGU) of the Negev, BGN Technologies, has signed an agreement with German company curasan AG to jointly develop special matrixes for bone regeneration.

The German company will invest 900,000 Euros (more than $ 1,300,000) in research to be performed by Dr. Hanna Rapaport and her team at BGU.

The BGU research team has developed and patented a novel peptide matrix (a special protein structure) that can be used to significantly improve the process of bone regeneration.

Within the research collaboration, curasan and Dr. Rapaport will combine curasan’s existing inorganic products with the BGU bone regenerating peptide matrixes to develop and produce a variety of bone regeneration materials for orthopedic and dental uses.

Dr. Rapaport notes that the combination of the two products “supports the body’s own healing processes and encourages optimal bone regeneration.”

Curasan is one of the leading firms in the field of regenerative medicine, especially in bone and regeneration.