Intel has announced its buyout of Israeli startup Replay Technologies to re-invent the way people consume and interact with sports media. The price tag of the acquisition was reported to be $175 million.

“More than ever, everything in sports is becoming digital and measurable,” said Intel CEO Brian Krzanich, in a blog post. “This will fundamentally change everything we know about the way athletes perform — and the arenas in which they compete.”

Replay’s proprietary freeD format uses high-resolution cameras and compute intensive graphics to let viewers see and experience sporting events from any angle.

Intel has collaborated with Replay Technologies since 2013. Most recently, the technology was used at the NBA All-Star Weekend.

The Israeli company’s freeD technology “created a seamless 3-D video rendering of the court using 28 ultrahigh-definition cameras positioned around the arena and connected to Intel-based servers. This system allowed broadcasters to give fans a 360-degree view of key plays – providing thrilling replays and highlight reels that let fans see the slam dunks, blocks and steals from almost every conceivable angle,” according to the Intel blog.

Replay Technologies was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in Israel.

“We are extremely excited with this transaction, which we believe will be a winning proposition for everyone involved. The strategic fit between our two companies is a powerful combination; the Replay team is enthusiastic about joining Intel. This transaction will allow us to accelerate Replay’s advanced technology plans, offer advanced services to our clients and provide increased opportunities to our employees,” Replay Technologies CEO Oren Yogev said in a statement.