The Indian government is set to use the latest Israeli technological advances in agriculture and irrigation in a new integrated project to be launched in the 12 most drought-prone areas of the northern state of Himachal Pradesh.

Following the recent visit of an Indian delegation to Israel, the Indian government has drawn up an ambitious project involving the Irrigation and Public Health (IPH), Agriculture and Rural Development departments to ensure that there is optimum utilization of water resources, including rain water, for drinking and for irrigation, reports the Tribune News Service in India.

“If Israel with a scanty rainfall of 20 mm can manage its agriculture so well, there is no reason why Himachal with over 1300 mm rainfall should have the problem of drought,” said Principal Secretary of the IPH Narender Chauhan, who was a member of the delegation that visited Israel.

The 12 areas of the state that have been chosen for the project include Bamsan, Badsar, Bijri, Pragpur, Sadar, Jhanduta, Kot Kehloor, Kunihar, Kutlehar, Dharampur and Gopalpur. Chauhan said Himachal would be seeking dedicated funding from the central government.