School is out, the temperatures are soaring, and the sea is warm. Now Israelis and tourists alike are looking for diversions to fill the long, hot days and boiling nights.

There’s no place like Jerusalem in the summer

It’s summertime in Jerusalem, and whether it’s the wine or arts festival, or a drink downtown in Zion Square, people are out enjoying the city’s unique atmosphere.

Hot nights in ‘hell’ at Jerusalem’s international festival

On a hot Jerusalem night, the best place to go is the city’s international arts and crafts fair featuring a wild array of wares from Israel, Jordan, Morocco, Asia, Africa, and Europe.

Top 10 things to do in Tel Aviv in the summer

As the temperature rises, ISRAEL21c takes you on an exclusive video tour of the top ten ways to enjoy Israel’s “hottest” city, this summer.

Hip and historical Neve Tzedek

Neve Tzedek is the first Jewish neighborhood built outside the port city of Jaffa. Once a rundown slum area, it’s now one of the trendiest and most expensive neighborhoods in Tel Aviv.

Israel’s Red Sea Jazz Festival dazzles again

An annual, end-of-summer event in Eilat, this year Israel’s Red Sea Jazz Festival featured 22 groups, among them some famous local and international names.

A nation of peddlers

With a $30 million infusion, Israel’s cycling scene is experiencing a renaissance as the bicycle trend catches on big-time with locals and tourists alike.

Is there a mermaid in Kiryat Yam?

After several Kiryat Yam residents reported seeing a mermaid, the mayor of the quiet working class town has offered a $1 million reward to anyone with unshakeable proof of her existence.

Quench your thirst with Israel’s eight best wineries

The last decade has seen a tremendous surge in production of high quality wines in Israel, with wine sales reaching the $140 million mark. With the help of wine experts, ISRAEL21c offers you a guide to the country’s best eight wineries.

It’s a complex world for Israel’s puppeteers

Jerusalem’s world famous puppet troupe, the Train Theater has helped turn Israel into a center for international puppetry.

Tel Aviv – the capital of cool

It’s the city that never sleeps. Whether you want to eat, drink, dance or even just play chess, Tel Aviv’s clubs and bars are open all night long. Anything can happen, and everything goes.

Summer in the city – Tel Aviv splashes and shines

When the summer heat is on, Tel Aviv is the place to be. Natives and tourists alike describe the city that never sleeps as the best spot to enjoy the hot summer months.

Electric scooters for green hipsters

Little noise, no fumes, low power needs. An Israeli designed electric scooter is causing a stir with all those looking for an alternative solution to get about.

New Israeli lotion keeps the jellyfish away

From the chilly waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the blue surf of the Pacific, swimmers and surfers are getting ready for a long, hot – and wet – summer. One of the few negative aspects to spending days luxuriating in the sea is the annual appearance of that enemy of ocean swimmers – jellyfish.

Israel’s LycoRed provides a natural sunscreen from within [VIDEO]

Does beauty come from within? An Israeli company LycoRed seems to think so. But enhancing that inner beauty can be done with the help of Mother Nature, and a tomato-based extract produced by LycoRed that is designed to protect the skin against harmful UV radiation.

Get ready to party with Israel’s top eight DJs

Israelis like to party with unabashed gusto. It’s no wonder that the country’s club culture has produced a slew of innovative world class DJ’s. ISRAEL21c brings you a list of the top eight.

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