How an Israeli startup is transforming agriculture, one drop at a time

Learn how CropX saves over 30% of water while increasing crop yields all across the world.
Photo by Or Kaplan via Unboxing Israel

When Israelis miraculously made the deserts bloom through drip irrigation and expanded the world’s ability to grow crops in new environments, the world was awed and amazed. Now, Israeli entrepreneurs are at it again.

CropX manages farms more efficiently with technology that uses soil sensing agricultural analytics to manage irrigation and fertilization. By sensing levels in the soil, only the exact amounts that are needed are released into the soil. Water savings alone is over 30%. Imagine savings like that around the globe – precious water conserved, not to mention a more sustainable food supply. CropX makes recommendations that increase crop yields based on changes in external factors including soil and weather. The data is sent to the cloud via a wireless connection. After analyzing this data, CropX calculates water and fertilizer needs and shares them with farmers.

Photo by Daniel Fazio via Unsplash

Israel’s CropX technology has expanded globally, in countries including the United States, Latin America, and New Zealand. CropX is also in a partnership with NASA. As Israel and the UAE have progressed to normalized relations, the UAE is now interested in adapting CropX. Israeli ingenuity will impact how we save water and feed the world.
Not to be outdone, there is the emerging Tal-Ya Water Technologies. They have created a tray that draws water in from the surrounding air, helping extract water that is used by the growing plants. In fact, because of its significant water and fertilizer savings, it is an investment that not only increases crop yields in its first year, but also yields a return on investment!

CropX and Tal-Ya are not the only two startups that have emerged from Israel; alongside these two innovative companies are dozens of others already having an impact around the globe. Saturas is focused on monitoring water specifically for trees. Similar to CropX, it can help detect the optimal level of water needed. According to Saturas, it has already proven itself across uses with a variety of trees: “apple, peach, citrus, avocado, wine grapes, cherries, nuts,” and more.

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