Aquarius Engines  of Rosh Ha’ayin, Israel, has signed a deal with Honda Motor Corporation affiliate Musashi Seimitsu to co-develop its revolutionary linear engine.

The 10-kilo Aquarius Engine can be used as an onboard power generator in a vehicle or as a stand-alone electricity generator.

Unlike most conventional engines made of hundreds of parts, the Aquarius Engine has just 20 components and one moving part. The lightweight streamlined design makes it inexpensive and efficient with little need for maintenance.

The Japanese global auto-parts manufacturer has also invested capital in the Israeli company.

“Musashi sees clear synergy with Aquarius Engines and their new system which provides electrical mobility and charging while braking. We will begin our relationship by co-developing the Aquarius electricity systems to power 5G base stations, supply electricity to remote areas, and then progress to provide energy solutions for other markets, including the autoindustry,” said Hiroshi Otsuka, CEO, Musashi Seimitsu.

“Together with partners like Musashi Seimitsu we are beginning to realize our dream of supplying accessible, affordable electricity whenever and wherever it is needed,” said Gal Fridman, chairman of Aquarius Engines.