Thanks to two local artists, Israel now holds the unusual title for creating the world’s largest sock mosaic. A whopping 12,000 socks – all clean – were used to craft the newest Guinness World Record art project.

Netanya created the world's largest "socks mosaic" comprising a whopping 12,000 socks.
Anat and Ehud Shamai came up with the idea as a bonding experience.

“The idea was to get as many people involved, and that the display will be as large and as impressive as possible. We decided to choose a material that is available in every household and that’s how we came up with socks,” said Ehud.

Until now, Netanya has been known for its beaches along the Mediterranean coastline. Now, it will be famous for something “good and funny,” Anat said. It’s a project that “contributed educationally to society.”

The world’s largest sock mosaic was undertaken as part of the city’s cooperation with the Italian city of Verona, considered to be the mosaic capital of the world.

The municipality turned to residents and asked them to donate socks to the innovative project. The one rule: All socks must be clean.

The previous record sock mosaic, created in Japan, comprised 4,278 socks.