Theater, dance, music, art and literature are all included in the annual International Women’s Festival in this seaside cultural hub.

Scenes of domestic violence, rage and weakness are still a part of many women’s lives the world over. But at the annual Israeli International Women’s Festival, the spotlight is not only on society’s underbelly.

The festival, held at the Holon Theater in this Tel Aviv suburb for the past 15 years in the month of March, puts the focus on how creative women view the world – from romantic comedy to an all-female Elvis revue.

International Women's Festival in Holon

Exploring women’s lives at the annual International Women’s Festival takes place in Holon every spring.

“You get women creators from all kinds of arts doing their thing, and this is what makes it special,” says Guy Telem, CEO of the theater. Local talent and foreign acts in theater, dance, music, art and literature all have a platform here.

Says filmmaker Amos Kollek: “I think it’s a festival for everyone who has interest in women. There are obviously guys who say we don’t need women — that they’re good for the kitchen and sex — but I’m not one of those guys.”