Google Israel was behind Google Related, the new toolbar feature that has received favorable reviews since its launch earlier this month.

Google Related pops up a toolbar along the bottom of the screen, which provides information about related websites information, locations from Google Maps, Google Images pictures, and YouTube video clips related to the topic of the search.
The browsing service is available on the Google Chrome toolbar and as a new feature on the Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer.

“Almost every time I go online, I come across some new topic or item that I’d like to learn more about. Sometimes it’s as simple as the latest buzz on the new shop down the street,” Ran Ben-Yair, a product manager with the Google Related team, wrote in a blog post. “Other times it’s something more significant, like a counterpoint to an opinion piece I’m reading. While the answer can be just a simple search away, we wanted to find a way to get some of those answers to you even faster.”

A blogger on the TFTS technology news site wrote that the bar seems “like a tool that will last for me. If nothing else, if you are the type that is doing research and needs multiple sources or just the type that likes to find everything they can about a subject to satisfy an inner curiosity – this may be worth checking out.”