July 13, 2014

israel-missile-alert-glassGoogle Glass has added a new app for its Israeli subscribers to warn them of incoming rockets fired by Hamas. Following the popular SOS app and Red Alert app, the Google Glassware also provides real-time updates of location and time of the attack to help Israeli users find shelter.

The new app is available to anyone with Glass – even those who do not live in Israel but want to get a feel of what it’s like to be under constant threat.

“The alerts will provide the time and location of the attack, giving Israeli Glass users time to head for shelter. As missiles are launched in from Gaza, south of Israel, Israelis have anywhere between a few seconds to 60 seconds to find shelter. Be it there bomb shelters, safe rooms or covering up on the highway as they drive home from work – this app will allow them to get notifications of those missile attacks so they can seek shelter,” reads the RustyBrick Software synopsis of the app it authored.

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Jason Harris

Jason Harris

Executive Director

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