Tel Aviv is declared a World Heritage Site for its cluster of Bauhaus buildings. Some 4,000 white Bauhaus buildings in Tel Aviv led to its nickname, the White City. They were built between 1931-1956 by immigrant architects trained in Europe who adapted the Modern style to suit Tel Aviv’s culture and desert climate. Today many of these old buildings have been refurbished and 1,500 more are slated for restoration.

• After an accident leaves electronics engineer Amit Goffer a quadraplegic, he founds Argo Medical Technologies to develop a system that will allow wheelchair users to walk and climb stairs.

“We aim to end the 200-year monopoly of the wheelchair,” he said. The ReWalk robotic exoskeleton was launched a few years later to widespread acclaim and commercial interest. Argo Medical has also developed a revolutionary standing wheelchair, the UpNRide, and is working with Harvard University on a soft exoskeleton to help MS and stroke patients regain mobility.

• Aaron Ciechanover and Avram Hershko from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, won the Nobel Prize in chemistry for their discovery of ubiquitin-mediated protein degradation.