Yellow-tailed woolly monkey is an endangered species. Photo via NPC

The multinational (TiME), led by Israeli conservation biologist Prof. Uri Shanas and Israeli environmental activist Prof. Alon Tal, allows anyone to help save endangered species by donating as little as $1 toward a crowdfund to purchase and protect land in biodiversity hotspots.

Donors vote on where the money will go – mostly tropical areas such as the Peruvian Andes, where a successful campaign enabled TiME to purchase and protect two parcels of land as we reported in January 2018.

“TiME is becoming more and more popular in schools where kids learn with the TiME educational program conservation, geography, language, social sciences and disscuss issues such as democracy, equity, responsibility and activism,” says Shanas. TiME is now collecting funds toward buying a parcel of land in Belize.