How the Electriq-Global system works. Image: courtesy

When Israeli-Australian startup Electriq-Global announced a new technology that would enable them to power cars with water in early November, everyone took notice. While the idea of using hydrogen to power a car’s engine may not be new, Electriq-Global gets its hydrogen from a fuel comprised of 60 percent water. The spent fuel is captured and taken back to a plant where it is replenished with more hydrogen and water for re-use.

Aside from being safe and easy to transport, according to the company, the new technology offers greater range and faster fill-ups than lithium-ion-based electric cars. It should also cost only half of what consumers pay for unleaded gas. Don’t rush out looking for the technology just yet though; the first vehicles to get this tech will be demonstrated in 2020, and full commercialization is expected in 2022.