We launched our new video network, 21see, in May 2017 to bring you insider looks at Israel’s most unique stories, happening scenes and unconventional characters.

Little did we know that in 2020, video would be one of the only ways to see the sights of Israel and indulge in its cuisine right in your own kitchen.

We know it’s not the same as being here. But we are proud that we could provide Israel-centric inspiration, information and entertainment to people across the globe during the pandemic – as always.

Now it’s time for our countdown of the 10 most popular 21see videos in 2020.

  1. Scrumptious popcorn cauliflower with sweet chili sauce

 This was the most viewed video in our Tayim cooking series in 2020. Have you tried it yet?

  1. Meet the woman breaking down barriers in Israel 

 Meet Ashagar Araro, a wonderful Ethiopian Israeli woman keeping her heritage alive through public initiatives in Tel Aviv.

  1. Everything you miss in Tel Aviv

Comedian Renny Grinshpan leads a special tour of Tel Aviv and Jaffa to the places and experiences you’ve been missing during the Covid crisis.

  1. Happy Independence Day from Israel 

Lots of you clicked on our virtual tour at Mini Israel Park in Latrun to celebrate Yom Ha’atzmaut from afar.

  1. Shoppers and diners flock to Jaffa as lockdown lifts 

Well, it turns out this was just the first of a series of lockdowns due to the spread of Covid-19. Nevertheless, Israelis turned out in droves as life outside the house returned to normal… if only for a while.

  1. Renny quarantine video

Leave it to Renny to find something funny in this most unfunny situation.

  1. Top 10 songs of the last decade

In the 2010s, Israeli singers Netta Barzilai, Static & Ben El, Omer Adam and others became household names.

  1. The 3-generation matzah brei you will not want to miss

Who could resist a delicious Passover dish prepared by an Israeli grandmother with her daughter and granddaughter?

  1. Israelis applaud healthcare workers in 2-minute clap

Israelis across the country stood on their balconies and at windows and clapped to show appreciation for the medical staff on the frontlines of coronavirus care.

And now for your favorite 21see video of 2020:

  1. The 10 most beautiful churches at the Sea of Galilee

In celebration of Easter, we took a trip to the Sea of Galilee to shoot a video of the most beautiful churches and monasteries in the area.