The nonprofit organization Faces Behind Masks is providing hospitals everywhere with free personalized photo stickers to wear over their protective gear.

Born in Tel Aviv, Faces Behind Masks aims to help personalize medical staff during the Covid-19 pandemic, when faces are obscured behind personal protective equipment.

Already, 380,000 stickers featuring medical workers’ smiling faces have been printed in five countries, including Israel, Poland and Mexico.

“It must be terrifying to be a very young patient⁠—or an elderly patient⁠—during the Covid-19 era,” says creativity entrepreneur Rafi Albo, founder of the Faces Behind Masks global initiative. “The bare minimum for patients to feel safe is the ability to see what their doctor looks like, and that’s what Faces Behind Masks is all about.”

Each medical team member needs anywhere from 100 to 300 face stickers, depending on which department of the hospital they work in.

The portal Behindmasks guides the process of uploading headshots and automatically creating the stickers, which feature the worker’s name and national flag.

The initiative works with digital printers willing to donate their services to produce the stickers. “Brand ambassadors” are sought to help raise awareness and oversee the logistical process for digital printing companies and hospitals at a local level.