Industrial designer Eyal Regev creates lighting fixtures – unique items combining design, industrial design and manufacturing with readymade objects.

His workshop, Studio Regev is active in designing unique furniture, lighting, and other household items, as well as providing architecture and interior design services.

Regev’s work is the subject of a new exhibition, “Reflected Light” at the Hankin Gallery is part of the 2012-2013 Israeli Design Season in Holon. The show presents light fixtures made from found wood in its natural form, and fixtures made from found industrial objects, most of which were trash-picked and given a new lease on life as a source of light for the home.

Regev describes his design style as “organic, natural, and without rules” adding that his work relates to the landscape of his childhood on Kibbutz Givat Brenner: life on the farm, open fields and contact with nature.

“Following Memphis”, another exhibit that is part of the Design Season in Holon, presents works by Yaffa Meir, who also makes beautiful creations out of other peoples junk.

So, for example, discarded zippers become a universe unto themselves…

The female form, outlined in rubber bands or discarded puzzle pieces…

The show’s title refers to the Memphis Design collective, whose work  — whimsical, asymmetrical and colorful — defined the design aesthetic of the late 1980s. It’s a bit of a misnomer as Meir’s work, although colorful, is really about recycling. She develops concepts in ecology and recycling for factories, such as Coca-Cola (Israel), and has provided design ideas for parks and playgrounds that utilize recycled industrial products.

The Hankin Gallery hosts individual and collective artist exhibition dealing with the line between art and craftsmanship. The Beit Meirov Art Gallery hosts rotating art exhibitions both by individuals and groups of artists, as well as exhibitions by students, professors and graduates of schools of art and design.

“Reflected Light” opens at the Hankin Gallery on November 28, 109 Hankin Street, Holon. “Following Memphis” opens on November 23 at Beit Meirov, 31 Herzfeld Street, Holon. Entrance is free. See the Holon Municipal website for opening hours and further details.