Another bomb plot, this time in New York, has left America reeling. The fight against terror is as pertinent as ever, as America’s Department of Homeland Security struggles to find ways to keep its citizens safe against a myriad of terror threats.

Israel is one of America’s key partners in this battle. With its long history of war and terror attacks, it’s no surprise that Israel is considered one of the leading players in the security industry, or that its security consultants are some of the best experts in the world.

From high-tech tools designed to safeguard passengers in airports, to technologies that can detect explosives, and futuristic surveillance cameras that can hone in on details, Israeli companies are dominating the field.

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It looks like a pen but it can foil a bomb

A new weapon in the arsenal shared by airport security personnel and police resembles a pen but can detect bomb detonators in powder form at as little as five micrograms.

Big brother IS watching

An Israeli startup has developed a potentially game-changing surveillance camera that can both monitor a panoramic field and zoom in on details.

With Israel’s BriefCam 24 hours passes in a minute

In less than a minute, you can watch 24 hours’ worth of recorded activity in a hanger at the Stuttgart Airport. Another 20 seconds later, and you’ve seen a summary of nine hours of surveillance footage from a busy intersection in St. Petersburg.

Israel’s top 10 airport security technologies

No-one understands security like the Israelis, that’s why some of the world’s best new innovative airport security technologies are being developed in Israel. We bring you a list of Israel’s top 10 technologies.

An Israeli-American training school to counter terror

An Israeli police officer has joined forces with an American counterpart to help use Israeli know-how to safeguard US populations from terror attacks.

Sorting the bad guys from the good

Israel’s WeCu claims a 95 percent success rate for its new terrorist detection system that monitors reactions to visual stimuli at airports and checkpoints.

Israel’s MATE has got the picture

Security cameras are everywhere today – at the mall, in the parking lot, even on a downtown street. If you’re on the right side of the law, you probably breathe a sigh of relief when you see them. After all, the images from those cameras are being beamed to a security room or police station somewhere.

Snake vision to fight chemo terrorism

An Israeli researcher has developed a new infrared system inspired by the vision of snakes and bats that can monitor water supplies, and keep us safe from chemical attack.

Sweat, the fingerprint of the future?

Perspiration has crime-busting potential, according to Israeli chemists who say that the food we eat, drugs we take, gender and even state of mind, all combine to make each person’s sweat unique.

Airport security without taking your shoes off [VIDEO]

It’s the holiday season and for airports that means an increase in the number of travelers and a higher level of security. However, the typically long lines at the security check will be cut in half this year at some airports around the world thanks to Israeli company IDO Security’s device, the MagShoe.

Fortune 500 companies and foreign governments visit Israel for terror-fighting tips

Staying a step ahead of terrorism is a skill that Israel has acquired the hard way, but it has always been willing to share its expertise with other nations battling the phenomenon.

Israeli surveillance keeps an eye on the camera

The US Department of Energy at the San Diego Water District is piloting new intelligent digital video surveillance software developed by Israeli start-up Aspectus Video Intelligence.

Is your airport safe?

Rafi Sela doesn’t believe that a safe trip means a more expensive trip. And he is on a mission to make airline travel in the U.S. more secure, relaxed and leisurely – and less expensive.

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