The World Health Organization and Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development have both shown that Israelis have among the highest life expectancy of any nationality and the Israeli diet ranks among the healthiest in world.

So, it’s no wonder that fitness and gyms are ubiquitous around the country.

From indoor exercise facilities to outdoor gyms, from running events to surfing at the country’s beaches, from weekly rollerblading groups to extreme sports or free yoga in the park, there are dozens of healthy ways to enjoy Israel.

And Tel Aviv, with its non-stop city vibe, is a center for many of the country’s sporty activities.

But how do you know what’s available and where?

That’s where FITaviv comes in. This new online directory is putting fitness in Tel Aviv at the fingertips of residents and tourists.

It’s not just a business directory. There’s an interactive map, nutritional advice, workout tips and information on where to find the latest fitness trends.

“The platform is open and free for everyone to use, including those living in the city and those just visiting,” Team FITaviv tells ISRAEL21c.

Scottish immigrant Leoni Jesner, 25, is behind the initiative. She started the website portal out of a personal need to find trustworthy fitness classes.Getting advice from mentors at Google Campus Tel Aviv and Gossip Media, Jesner recently launched FITaviv in English for everyone in Tel Aviv.

The FITaviv team says the portal will expand to include information on where to buy fitness fashion and health foods.