First-ever flying EMS cars now in development

The Hatzolah Air Response Team partners with Urban Aeronautics to develop flying ambulatory vehicles. Expect to see them within five years.
Photo by Wayne Chen on Unsplash

Urban Aeronautics of Israel and Hatzolah Air of Brooklyn are producing what they say will be the first-ever flying ambulatory vehicle, dubbed CityHawk.

The CityHawk’s primary use is urban EMS applications like being able to get where a traditional ambulance can’t go and of course not having to deal with traffic!

The CityHawk will be able to transport a patient and companion, two emergency medical technicians, a pilot, and complete package of life support equipment.

Drawing of the inside of the CityHawk VTOL courtesy of Urban Aeronautics





Hatzolah provides worldwide ambulatory services and air support for people injured in medical, humanitarian, or disaster situations. Eli Rowe, president of Hatzolah Air, says that initial estimates show “a potential market of at least 800 CityHawks for Hatzolah and other EMS operators with the possibility to save thousands of lives every year.”

Keep your eyes peeled for the CityHawk, expected within three to five years, and other cool Urban Aeronautics projects with Boeing and Tactical Robotics.

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