In an effort to increase the visibility of its water network, Jyväskylä Energy Group, the water utility of Central Finland’s largest city, has turned to Israeli water network management company TaKaDu. Jyväskylä Energy Group will be TaKaDu’s first customer in Finland.

As part of a three-year contract, TaKaDu’s central event management solution will be deployed in the Finnish utility to improve network efficiency and customer service.

The project is being overseen and implemented by Pisara, Jyväskylä Energy’s smart water solutions unit.

“TaKaDu’s central management platform will enable us to manage incidents in one place, prioritize resources, speed up repair cycles and improve our customer service,” said Jyväskylä Energy’s Executive Vice President Pasi Jalonen. “We want to achieve better control over the water network and to understand more precisely where to put our renovation funds”.

TaKaDu’s cloud-based solution is set to improve the utility’s operational efficiency, save energy and water, and reduce repair costs by detecting, analyzing and managing potential events and incidents, such as leaks, bursts, faulty assets, water quality and more.

This will help better prepare field teams by giving them early notice of developing events and a greater knowledge of the type and urgency of the problems that need to be fixed before heading into the field.

“Finland is clearly not a territory with water scarcity, but the need for water and energy efficiency is universal. That’s why TaKaDu has an important role to play everywhere – in such diverse climates as Australia and Finland and other countries – as a single knowledge layer,” said Ziv Zaretsky, EVP of Sales and Business Development at TaKaDu.

TaKaDu’s latest partnership with Jyväskylä Energy Group will bring the water management company’s worldwide presence to 13 countries, from the US, Australia, South America, the Far East and Europe.

In 2017, TaKaDu was named in the prestigious Global Cleantech 100, representing the most innovative and promising ideas impacting the future of a wide-range of industries.