In a bid to keep fruit salads flavorsome and interesting, Ben Dor Fruits & Nurseries have introduced a new stone fruit to the market: Nectarine-Mango.


The fruit is heart-shaped and has the smooth peel of a mango.

Ben Dor, the Israeli company that specializes in developing new fruit varieties, took 10 years to perfect the nango/mectarine. This month, the company started exporting the fruit to the UK and South Africa as well as selling it domestically.

Israeli farmers regularly come up with palate-teasing fruit and vegetable species. The black galaxy tomato was introduced to international markets earlier this year to great fanfare, and the pomelit (a grapefruit-pomelo hybrid) won high acclaim before that.

The Ben Dor family business has made a name for itself during the last three decades for its cultivation and nursery growing. Ben Dor exports approximately 3000 tons of stone fruits every year, from apricots and plums to nectarines and pears.

The company plans to release two more new fruits in the coming months – pita nectarine and pita peach.