Israel’s Expand Networks has sold its wide area network (WAN) optimization solution to the Scripps Institution of Oceanography at University of California, San Diego to support ship-to-shore satellite communication services for global ocean research.

The systems are deployed on the Scripps’ research ship Roger Revelle and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution ship, Atlantis.

Scripps oceanography engineer Steve Foley told Globes, Israel’s leading business daily, “Our research vessels need to squeeze every bit of bandwidth out of those fixed satellite links. The more data we can send home, the better. The more satellite images, phone calls, support, etc. that the scientists on the ship can get from shore, the better they can do their science.

“Now, with the savings in bandwidth, our Expand Accelerators are paying for themselves within nine to 18 months. We estimate we are saving over $600 per month for each of our large global ships.”

Foley said that Expand beat out the competitors when “Expand didn’t look at us funny when we said we wanted to put their gear on ships! To them it was the norm.”