Israel’s story is a phenomenal one. It’s the story of a country that was founded 70 years ago in the middle of a desert, with few natural resources, and a backdrop of relentless war and terror. And yet, against all odds, Israel managed to build a nation that is not only strong and democratic, but is also one of the most innovative and creative nations of the world today.

This is the compelling account we bring to you in our gorgeous new exhibition, 70 Years of Israeli Achievement.

In the exhibition we explore every decade of Israel’s 70-year existence, from the 1950s with its high unemployment, economic austerity and the birth of Israel’s extraordinary agricultural industry, to the last decade which has seen Israel find its way into virtually every home around the world, either through its dazzling high-tech industry and health innovations, or through humanitarian aid, or Israel’s growing cultural presence.

Israel’s story is entirely unique. There is no other nation like it in the world. What better time to celebrate that than on the 70th anniversary of the country’s founding.

Our easy-to-use exhibition includes 14 vibrant full-color images, and is designed to help you celebrate this special occasion.

You can:

    • Present it online using a tablet, laptop, smart TV or other video device.
    • Download, print and post it in any location, onsite or online. (See the download form on your right)
    • Enlarge the images on foam core board for display on easels or in display cases.

    Mount the exhibition at your school, your organization, in shops or offices, or even in your publications and newsletters – anywhere you want to tell Israel’s exceptional story.

The exhibition is part of a larger package of content we have created to help you celebrate this year’s very special Independence Day. We have also created a timeline of achievement, a video timeline, and a series of intimate video interviews with some of Israel’s notable citizens. Click on the whole package here.

We’d love to hear your stories and see the photographs of any events you run using our exhibition, or any other material we’ve created.

If you need more information or have questions, or want to send us photographs of how you have used the exhibition, please contact us at; we’ll be delighted to help.

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