Seeing as Dior is a fashionista’s holy grail, it’s only fitting that its new store will open only moments away from some of the most sacred sites on Earth. According to the fashion house’s website, the Dior boutique will open at Jerusalem’s Mamilla Mall in July.

The original opening date for the boutique was in May, but plans got postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. Instead, it is set to open on July 7 as Israel emerges from lockdown and will offer all those who’ve been itching to do a bit of luxury shopping an opportunity to spend some cash.

The boutique, which will join other high-end retailers at the Mamilla Mall situated on the border of Jerusalem’s Old City, will span 142 square meters (1,528 square feet). Israeli daily Israel Hayom reports it will be the largest Dior boutique in Europe and the Middle East, and far larger than the existing Dior store in Tel Aviv.

“For the first time in Israel, the store will sell the brand’s fashion jewelry, sunglasses, bags, wallets and scarves, alongside cosmetics, skincare products and perfumes,” Tami Biton from Dior’s PR team told Israel Hayom.

This, she added, was a sign of the brand’s confidence in the Israeli market.

“We’re talking about an official boutique of the global Dior brand, which even at times like these chooses to launch the store as planned, and that’s not to be taken for granted,” she told the daily.