Sonovia, an Israeli company specializing in ecofriendly ultrasonic textile technology, is collaborating with Italian denim manufacturer PureDenim to transform indigo dyeing.

The novel disruptive technology aims to reduce the intensive use of water and energy, and improve dye durability, in the global denim industry – a market projected to reach $76.1 billion by 2026.

“The concept of leveraging Sonovia’s technology in indigo dyeing can truly revolutionize this industry, leading to a substantial reduction in the consumption of chemicals, water and energy, and to an incredibly positive change toward ecofriendly, sustainable manufacturing,” said Gigi Caccia, founder and CEO of PureDenim.

The agreement represents Sonovia’s entry into the dyeing industry. The company’s antimicrobial ultrasonic fabric finishes are commercialized in products including Sonomask, a facemask that became popular during the pandemic.

Roy Hirsch, CBO of Ramat Gan-based Sonovia, said the collaboration with PureDenim will begin with a technological viability stage to be completed by the middle of this year, followed by pre-production development and integration of the technology into PureDenim’s production line.

“Our technology can offer significant solutions to inherent challenges in the indigo dyeing industry” by eliminating outdated dyeing and finishing practices that cause massive pollution, Hirsch said.

Sonovia is alumnus of the Fashion for Good accelerator and made a successful IPO at the Tel-Aviv Stock Exchange in December 2020.