Entrepreneur Avigail Perl aims to raise at least $30,000 from an Indiegogo campaign for her CupCare disposable bra liners.

The 32-year-old Tel Aviv resident explains that the soft three-layered product fits over the underwire to absorb sweat, protect the skin below the breast from chafing, and extend the life of the brassiere approximately 30 percent because it won’t need washing as often.

“It is where smart meets sexy,” says Perl, formerly a Capitol Hill intern, a teacher in Israel’s Teach First program for underprivileged children and a star of the Israeli TV show Survivor.

CupCare inventor Avigail Perl. Photo: courtesy
CupCare inventor Avigail Perl. Photo: courtesy

She first had the basic idea for the product when she was 17, but it was only in the past four years that she pursued it aggressively, working day and night on prototypes, filing for worldwide patents and identifying a Chinese manufacturer through an Israeli agency. “For the past year this is all I’ve done,” she tells ISRAEL21c.

Perl got angel funding for CupCare from VoIP pioneer Jeff Pulver, a serial investor in Israeli startups such as Stevie TV and founder of his own startups, such as Zula.

She also raised funds from friends and family.

The 2-millimeter-thick liners, individually wrapped in boxes of 20, fit any type of bra and are available in white. “In the future we’ll offer them in black and nude,” she says.

The custom-made nonwoven fabric for the liners consists of a top layer that wicks away moisture, a middle layer that holds moisture via superabsorbent polymers, and a bottom layer that keeps moisture from the bra but lets air through.

Pending the success of the crowdfunding campaign, Perl is ready to go into full manufacturing mode and to start meeting with retail distributors in the US and UK.