“People feel good here.” Photo courtesy of the Tourism Ministry

The UK’s leading travel magazine, Condé Nast Traveller, recently spotlighted Tel Aviv in its “Insider Tips” section. The city with dozens of titles – the White City, most creative city, non-stop city, etc. – is hailed as a “a sensual good time city.” 

The article recommends that travelers try Tel Aviv’s famous street food; make a visit to one of the city’s famous beaches; see its UNESCO-cited Bauhaus architecture; walk through its art museums; shops; and visit the Old Port of Jaffa.  

Asked what may surprise tourists in her city, Tel Aviv-based travel operator Hannah Blustin told the magazine: “Tel Aviv’s creative energy and joie de vivre. Such positive energy is rare to find, and a pure joy to experience. This is a place where ideas are transformed into reality — where people enact their dreams rather than just talking about them over drinks. 

“For instance, Tel Aviv is home to an insane number of tech start-ups and entrepreneurs — it boasts more per capita than anywhere else on earth. You can feel the energy in the creativity of the cuisine, in the way people dress, the street art, and in the way that life just flows. It is a young and inspiring city and people feel good here.”