Coldplay’s Chris Martin surprised many when he touched down in Tel Aviv and, with his unexpected arrival, kick-started the rumor mill that a local concert may be on the horizon.

According to Hebrew media, the British singer-songwriter arrived in Tel Aviv yesterday for one of two reasons: some gossip columnists say he’s in town for a private visit, others say he came for advance talks with local producers.

Over the years, concert promoters have tried time and again to secure a Coldplay concert in Israel. Some reports say the band has been offered as much as $5 million for a one night show.

The rock band has a huge following in Israel.

Coldplay’s latest album has Israeli creativity behind some of its best music videos. Earlier this year, directors Vania Heymann and Gal Muggia picked up an MTV Video Music Award for best visual effects award for their work on Coldplay’s music video Up&Up.

The Yaron Yashinski Studio of Tel Aviv provided visual design and animation for the popular video, Hymn for the Weekend.