Prominent researchers from China and Israel are taking part in a conference on condensed matter physics, starting tomorrow at the Institute for Advanced Studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. This is the first collaboration of its kind with the research community in China.

The two main subjects of the conference will be super-conductivity and topological insulators. The Chinese invested many resources in these fields and quickly took a leading role in them.

“Israel recently employed several young researchers in these fields, and they will greatly benefit from the sharing of samples, materials and processes with their Chinese counterparts,” says Prof. Assa Auerbach of the Department of Physics at the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and among the organizers of the conference.

The four-day conference brings together some of the best researchers in physics from Israel and China.

The Chinese delegation includes the director, associate director and other senior researchers from the Physics Institute at the Chinese Academy of Science, a leading institute in condensed matter research.

Israel is represented by researchers and theoreticians from all of the country’s universities.

There will also be some researchers from US-based laboratories at the conference, that runs through Nov. 19.