For almost 15 years, ISRAEL21c has been writing stories about the incredible international aid work that Israel carries out overseas.

Whether it’s in response to an earthquake or other natural or manmade disaster, Israeli aid volunteers from the government, the army and nonprofit NGOs have been quick to respond, often reaching the disaster area before relief teams arrive from other nations.

Despite its tiny size, Israel is also involved in long-term educational, environmental and healthcare missions in countries including Kenya, Nepal, Japan, China, Vietnam, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Turkmenistan, Haiti, and Papua New Guinea.

Israel even helps the citizens of some enemy nations, treating refugees across the world, helping Syrians wounded in the civil war, or bringing children to Israel for lifesaving surgery.

And yet despite so many missions, little is known about the incredible aid work carried out by Israel. A year ago, ISRAEL21c decided to do something about that and created the Israel Aid Map. It’s a phenomenal way to show people the extent and breadth of aid from Israel.

We explore five different areas of aid – disaster relief, psychological counseling, education, environment and medical aid. Click on any icon in any of the countries around the world, and you’ll find out more about what relief work Israel has been involved in.

The map is made to share, so please do. Let’s tell the world about the inspiring humanitarian work Israel carries out across the globe.