British broadcaster Channel 4 has bought the rights to Israeli game show, The Common Denominator, and is set to begin filming in December.

The trivia game show was created by brothers Roey and Omri Even-Tov and is sold worldwide by Armoza Formats, which has also struck a local deal in Turkey via Star TV.

Instead of being asked standard trivia questions, contestants have to think laterally and use their associative skills to win the grand prize – $40,000.
Sample questions: What’s the common denominator between Steve Jobs and New York City? What do the Eiffel Tower and Hilton Hotel have in common? (Answers: Apple; Paris)

Channel 4 is the latest foreign company to buy Israeli television formats. Israel has sold numerous series to the US including Joey Dakota, Homeland, In Treatment and Traffic Light, among others.

The UK network has ordered 40 episodes of the half-hour game show and said the series will be produced by Remarkable Television.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner than Channel 4. They immediately took to the concept of a fun ‘think-out-loud’ game show, and we’re confident that The Common Denominator will join an impressive legacy of British quiz shows beloved by audiences around the world,” said Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats.
David Flynn of Remarkable Television added: “When you watch The Common Denominator you can’t stop yourself playing along. Viewers are always looking for something different, and the blend of wit and lateral thinking makes this show unique.”