ISRAEL21c's Viva Sarah Press at her talk in Rochester.
ISRAEL21c’s Viva Sarah Press at her talk in Rochester, New York.

ISRAEL21c readers know that we report regularly on Israeli medical innovations, yet many others are not aware of how profoundly Israel is revolutionizing global healthcare today.

That’s why the Jewish Federations of Rochester and Omaha invited an ISRAEL21c reporter to give talks in their communities.

Armed with a 45-minute presentation featuring samples of Israeli innovation in all fields of healthcare, as well as two videos on med-tech, Viva Sarah Press set off for the United States to share the latest blue-and-white technologies changing the way we live and deal with diseases.

From the moment she touched down, everyone who heard about the subject of the talk wanted to be invited or wanted her to come to their communities as well. People are eager to know how the latest technologies from Israel can improve their lives.

From new brain-tech that will better treat Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases to novel stem-cell treatments for ALS; from mobile health solutions to advanced surgical procedures; interest in Israel’s contributions to the med-tech arena is widespread.

At the May 4 talk in Rochester and May 5 presentation in Omaha, Press introduced medical and non-medical professionals to technologies such as novel vaccines and cool smartphone-based diagnostic tools.

Mona Kolko of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester praised it as “a presentation that dazzled our audience.”

Almost everyone in the two audiences knew about Israel as a “startup nation” but had no idea just how prolific this country is, considering its population of just over eight million people.

Press’s talk at Temple Beth El in Rochester was part of the Community Relations Committee of the Jewish Federation of Greater Rochester’s “Israel 2015, The Series,” presenting speakers from Israel on various pressing topics. It kicked off in November 2014 with the author Ari Shavit and also included Times of Israel editor David Horovitz.

The audience in Omaha was fascinated to hear about a new blood test for breast cancer.
The audience in Omaha was fascinated to hear about a new blood test for breast cancer.

In Nebraska, Press spoke to a smaller group of 25- to 45-year-olds.

Omaha’s University of Nebraska Medical Center is one of 14 hospitals in North America to host IBM’s supercomputer Watson, which is being used to make decisions about cancer care. It’s not surprising, then, that health-related technologies are at the forefront of day-to-day discussions in Omaha.

The audience at both talks seemed most keenly interested in the Octava Pink breast-cancer blood test and SoftWheel Technology’s revolutionary wheelchair wheels.

Press gives her talk in Omaha.
Press gives her talk in Omaha.

It is always exciting to share Israel’s amazing ingenuity with new audiences. And because Israeli engineers and scientists never rest on their laurels, we’re sure the next speaking tour will include even more jaw-dropping and out-of-the-box innovations that are making life better for everyone, everywhere.