Bickel Group scores a hit in UK with new niche flowers A new line of flowers developed by Israeli flower and vegetable producer Bickel Group is proving a hit in the UK despite the serious downturn which is affecting the market.
The company is offering two new flowers to buyers. The first, called Buddha fingers, is a variety of lemon that does not have any flesh. It was first discovered growing in the Far East as a mutation, and has only been grown commercially in Israel for the last three years. Bickel is the sole exporter. The second flower is a sea plant samphire. The Bickel Group, which exports more than 30 percent of its produce ? including flowers, herbs, decorative produce and tomatoes – to the UK every year, has seen demand for Buddha fingers and samphire increase over the last two months. Danny Denan, CEO of the Bickel Group, said the success of the new flowers shows that there is still room for innovation even in the midst of a recession.