Newspaper reports and online blogs point to the upcoming drupa international trade fair as the place to be for a first look at what is being dubbed ‘Benny Landa’s secret ink.’

With over 700 patents to his name, Israel’s Landa is among the most admired in the world of print technology. New reports cite that the successful high-tech entrepreneur is working on a print technology that will (again) change the field of printing.

According to the Calcalist Hebrew financial newspaper, Landa has developed an ink “made of particles which are smaller than a germ and a printhead that can use the micro-droplets to print on virtually any material, producing sharp and rich images unparalleled by any manmade machine.”

While other companies have developed ink pigments the size of 200-300 nanometers, Calcalist also reported that Landa Labs is “striving for a single digit number of nanometers or several dozen at the most. Such ink would not clog the printhead nozzles and absorb light more efficiently yielding better results with fewer resources.”

Reports also cite that Landa has been working on this project for nine years at a rate of about $40 million per year (funded exclusively by his company).

On the Landa Labs website, there’s a short reference to the May trade fair that reads: “Targeted for mainstream commercial, packaging and publishing markets, Landa’s lineup of digital nanographic printing presses will be unveiled at drupa 2012.”