BBC Radio’s World Routes program has announced it will record selected concerts at this year’s 12th Jerusalem International Oud Festival, which gets underway this Thursday.

Aynur with oud

Turkish vocalist Aynur makes her Israeli debut at the Jerusalem International Oud Festival.

The British producers have decided to record six concerts: esteemed composer and musician Taiseer Elias and his Brothers; local vocalist Amal Murkus; Yasmin Levy and friends in a tribute to Greek-Jewish singer Rosa Eskenazi; Turkish vocalist Aynur who sings in Kurdish; Violet Salameh and members of the Tarshihah Orchestra in a tribute to classic Arabic composers; and Black Eyebrows – the international trio Petrakis-Lopez-Chimirani (Greece/Spain/France).

Yasmin Levy

Israeli singer Yasmin Levy pays tribute to Greek-Jewish vocalist Roza Eskenazi.

The event is “one of Israel’s most fascinating and unique music festivals … attracting admirers from around the world to Israel,” said Limor Livnat, Minister of Culture and Sport. “At the Festival, the sound of the oud blends Greek blues with Arab music, songs of the kingdoms of ancient Persia and Greece with contemporary poetry, and Middle Eastern genres with original Israeli works.”

The Oud Festival is produced by Confederation House and runs from November 10-19 in Jerusalem.