Baxter International, a leading global healthcare company, recently bought Israeli portfolio company FlowSense for a reported $9.5 million. The blue-and-white company is best known for its URINFO fluid monitoring system which provides accurate, real-time, and continuous monitoring of urine output.

The Israeli medical device makes urine monitoring more exact and provides safer guidelines during and after surgery. The device was actually inspired by agricultural water metering technology.

The Trendlines Group acquired the assets upon which FlowSense was established and recruited successful managers to market the company’s product in Europe and the United States.

FlowSense was founded by the Trendlines Group in 2009 and taken public on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange the following year.

“The Flowsense acquisition by Baxter adds to other recent successes for Trendlines, including the sale of PolyTouch to Covidien in 2011 and the IPO of ETView. Since the establishment of The Trendlines Group in 2007, more than $185 million has been invested in our portfolio companies,” said D. Todd Dollinger, Chairman and CEO of Trendlines and Chairman of FlowSense.