Two Israeli cyber security companies are teaming up to dramatically reduce threats and risks for connected cars.

Argus Cyber Security, an Israeli automotive cyber security pioneer and one of the few companies in the world dedicated to keeping our WiFi –enabled cars safe, will partner with Check Point Software Technoligies, the largest pure-play security vendor globally.

“Argus’ mission is to promote car connectivity without compromising on safety, security and privacy,” said Yoni Heilbronn, Vice President of Marketing at Argus Cyber Security. “Partnering with the world’s leading cyber security vendor emphasizes Argus’ commitment to achieving that goal. By bringing together Argus’ innovative in-vehicle intrusion detection and prevention capabilities and Check Point’s unmatched expertise in providing secure connectivity solutions we can now provide a joint offering that answers current and future cyber security needs of the automotive industry.”

The new partnership announcement comes in the wake of Israel’s first big exit in the automotive cyber security sector that saw US-based HARMAN International Industries acquire TowerSec for a reported $70 million.

The Israeli companies Argus and Check Point say their new solution will keep drivers in the driver’s seat and keep hackers at bay.

Argus’ Intrusion Detection and Prevention System (IDPS) for in-vehicle cyber security, which is already on the market, integrated with Check Point’s Capsule secure connectivity solution, is designed to reduce cyber-attacks against connected cars, a practice commonly known as car-hacking.

“Internet-connected telematics and infotainment systems have developed into new areas for cyber attackers,” said Alon Kantor, Vice President of Business Development at Check Point. “Together with Argus, Check Point is extending its industry-leading technology into automotive cyber security, creating a holistic, cloud-based approach to staying ahead of threats in these new business models created by the Internet of Things.”