If you’re like many people who have sent photos or text messages you later regret sending – or are worried could end up in the wrong hands – Tel Aviv-based SessMe offers a private messaging platform app that enables you to go back in time and delete photos or messages you’ve sent to any device.

“What happens on social networks doesn’t have to stay on social networks,” said SessMe CEO Ofer Ben-David. “Everybody says privacy is dead, but SessMe is proving otherwise. Users now have a tool, literally in the palm of their hands, to control the flow of information they put out there – even after it’s been sent out.”

Using SessMe on iOS or Android allows you to delete content from the entire network, even after it has been forwarded among other SessMe users, by simply tapping the trash button.

You can encrypt content so that only the intended recipient can “unlock” it; block screenshots (Android) or be notified when a screenshot is taken (iOS); “mask” pictures so they’re harder for the recipient to save; or deliver images in a pixelated form that reveals itself for only one second, after which it becomes pixelated again.

Not only that, but users can gain qualitative information on how many times their content has been forwarded; “like” images and videos within the chat interface, and see how many times a photo/video they shared has been liked by other users; schedule texts or attachments to be sent at a specific date/time; and designate a two-way or group chat as public or private (private chats cannot be forwarded to other users).

The app comes with 1.21 gigawatts of security and is available in 14 languages.