The MakeMyPlate  app offers visual eating plans from a variety of experts to help users make more balanced choices in grocery shopping, restaurant options and portion control.

“The idea for the app started a few years after a dietician told me to write everything I eat on paper and it quickly became arduous and inefficient, and of course I did not continue the diet,” said MakeMyPlate founder Alin Cooperman.

“Diet apps do exist; however, MakeMyPlate provides a full solution to managing a diet — starting from choosing a diet plan created by professionals and building a meal plan based on your preferences while still keeping it balanced, to personal tips and support from other users and professional nutritionists in our chat. All this is provided in a visual and easy-to-use interface, making MakeMyPlate a true one-stop shop.”

After two years in a startup hub at Dallas, the MakeMyPlate team headed back to Tel Aviv and recently added meal plans from nutrition and fitness guru David Kirsch to its lineup. Kirsch is a personal trainer to celebrities such as Heidi Klum, Ellen Barkin and Liv Tyler.

Each meal plan costs $7. There are gluten-free and Paleo options, and a vegan meal plan is coming soon from celebrity trainer Nicky Holender.

The MakeMyPlate app is available from Google Play  and from the App Store.