Israel’s Anlit Advanced Nutrition and Frutarom have developed a child-friendly probiotics supplement for immune health.

The new product is based on BLIS K12 – the world’s first probiotic for sore throats, ear infections, colds and bad breath.

“BLIS K12 is an oral probiotic with excellent safety and has been used in studies with children,” says Shai Karlinski, vice president of sales and marketing at Anlit. “Otitis media is the most common bacterial infection in young children and the main reason for doctors’ visits. Most cases of otitis media result in antibiotic treatment. Consuming one child-friendly, bear-shaped supplement each day can help prevent common ear infections and sore throats in children.”

Anlit’s chewable BLIS K12 bears will be officially launched on October 25-27 at CPhI Worldwide 2011, the world’s leading pharmaceutical networking event. The probiotics are kosher and made without artificial colors.