Many people look for an edge when proposing to their other half. An Israeli high-tech guru decided to use Facebook’s status updates to propose to his girlfriend.

“When I decided to propose to my girlfriend I knew it would be geeky. Not Star Wars geeky, I’m not that hardcore, but something geeky nonetheless,” writes Guy Malachi, 36, on his blog. “I threw around a few ideas. I knew I wanted to surprise her out of the blue, I wanted to do something that required investment (and not just half-ass it), but I didn’t want it to be too grandiose (we’re both not into those kinds of things).”

So he created a Chrome extension that injected JavaScript into her Facebook and let him change stuff.

He says his girlfriend (now his finacee) was annoyed when the social media site asked her to confirm her relationship status. After calling over Malachi to make sure that it wasn’t a virus, she proceeded to answer the pop up questions.

Malachi set up the relationship status to look real.

No matter what status she chose, the computer sent her the pre-programmed message: Please confirm you want to change your status to ‘married.’

The only option was 'married.'

The program then showed her a few faces and asked ‘who was the lucky guy’. Malachi says he was surprised she didn’t clue in to the farce until his face appeared on the screen.

“I thought that at that point she’d understand and I would be standing there with the ring,” he says on his blog. “She was floored :). She had no idea till that second what was going on (mission accomplished :). Luckily for me, she said yes!”

To top it all off, Malachi says he updated his Twitter account with the good news and then when he called his mom, she said: “I need to discover on Twitter that you proposed?”

Fortunately, she too was a good sport about it and didn’t lay on the guilt.