On April 8, we posted Rescue me, Israel style about a revolutionary alternative to a stretcher made by Jerusalem-based Agilite.

The patent-pending, trademarked IPC (Injured Personnel Carrier) is sewn from high-tensile military strength webbing or seatbelt material, weighs three-quarters of a pound and folds down to just 10 inches. Yet it can bear 5,000 pounds and enables a rescuer to carry someone on his or her back, leaving the rescuer’s hands free.

Search-and-rescue teams, hikers, militaries and emergency medical responders are among the eager markets for the IPC, which was invented by IDF veterans originally from England the United States.

Recently, Agilite founder Elie Isaacson wrote to tell us that the exposure on ISRAEL21c led to new customers.

“We have had several distributors contact us, including from Britain and Nigeria, who saw the article and are becoming IPC distributors!” Elie told us.

We’re happy to get the word out about Israeli innovation, Elie.