Ambassador spotlight: Benjamin Rozio

Hometown: Los Angeles, California

School: University of California, Riverside
Major: Psychology

What’s your favorite part about being a digital ambassador?

I love that we get to work in teams with other college students and produce a project that makes us feel good in a way that also supports Israeli culture.

Ben Rozio (at left in red shirt) with fellow Birthright tourists in the Old City in Jerusalem. Photo: courtesy

What was your most memorable experience in Israel?

When I went on Birthright this previous summer (2019), I remember waking up at 3am, after camping in the Negev Desert, so my group could hike Masada and make it to the top in time to watch the sunrise.

Everyone was delirious from the lack of sleep, which made the hike even more enjoyable. My friends and I made hilarious vlog entries with a Go-Pro to document the whole way up and then posed for group photos with the sunrise and the Dead Sea behind us. It was the most unforgettable way to start the day.

What’s your favorite ISRAEL21c article?

Israeli expat in NYC creates website to help immigrants” by Bryan Blum, because it focuses on language barriers and immigrants and why it is important to accommodate tourists and other people who speak different languages. This article explains ways we can make it easy to welcome people in their mother tongues.

Ben Rozio and his friend Danielle in the Negev Desert. Photo: courtesy

What are your passions?  

One of my passions is studying and speaking foreign languages. I love connecting with people and I don’t want a language barrier to be the cause of a friendship not forming. Also, I just love speaking with native speakers and learning other cultures.

What surprises you most about Israel?

One thing that surprised me about Israel is how advanced the technology and innovative culture are. It was entrancing seeing the new technology that was being developed when I was in Israel this past July.