Clean water (Shutterstock)Advanced Mem-Tech, a blue-and-white startup that develops innovative membranes for water treatment, recently closed a financing round of close to $5 million, in addition to initial investments by private investors and the incubator program of the Office of the Chief Scientist in Israel.

Investors in this round were a US investors group, led by Uzi Halevy and SEB Alliance, the corporate venture company of Groupe SEB.

Advanced Mem-Tech, a portfolio company of Trendlines Agtech, develops innovative filtration membranes which separate solids from water during the treatment and purification of waste water and clean water environmental contamination. Advanced Mem-Tech’s membranes are able to filter bacteria, microbes and parasites from water at a higher rate than current solutions.

There is a continuous search for innovative technological solutions due to the global crisis of a lack of clean water. Advanced Mem-Tech’s technology uses less energy and a smaller ecological footprint than other technologies available on the market.

“Our membrane technology produced successful results at several locations around the world. Its uniqueness is that it is relevant for applications and new market segments, where membrane technology has not been present to date. We’re currently in negotiations to implement and market our technology in a number of relevant applications with various companies from Europe and the US. The membranes we developed have real potential to optimize the water purification process and provide clean water while reducing energy consumption and the ecological footprint left by the process on the environment,” said Moshe Kelner, CEO of Advanced Mem-Tech.

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