The mystical concept known as the third eye or the inner eye refers to an invisible eye in the center of one’s forehead that provides perception beyond ordinary sight. Photographer Anna Tufeld uses two eyes and keen artistic perception to find beauty wherever she may be.

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A self-taught photographer, Tufeld has found success both in Israel and abroad, having participated in seven joint exhibitions and solo exhibitions. Her most recent opened last week at the Givatayim Theater, and is a series of nature photos printed on canvas entitled The Third Eye.

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Tufeld says that the texture of the fabric gives an additional dimension to the photographs, which are printed without any form of digital pre-print processing software such as Photoshop.

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Tufeld was born in Lvov, Ukraine and came of age Jerusalem, where she attended the Rubin Academy of Music before she discovered photography eight years ago.

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She feels lucky to have grown up in both cities, she says: “I draw inspiration for my art from both of these cities whose beauty is not necessarily obvious but the hidden beauty of in the details of abandoned architecture and nature”.

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Tufeld worked for many years in the tourism industry and adds that she takes inspiration from everywhere she’s traveled. “I’m sure that talent is a mission, and hope that I was blessed with a sharp eye as a reminder that there is nothing in our world that should pass unnoticed or diminished.”

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“Beauty does not have to be complicated. The magic of beauty is in simplicity, ” says Tufeld.

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The Third Eye is on exhibit at the Givatayim Theater through August 2, 2015.