A first-of-its-kind map of Israeli tech companies that currently operate in Europe reveals 912 Israeli startups in 28 countries in the EU, collectively employing 24,223 European residents.

More than a third of Israeli companies in Europe are in the information and software technology sector, and the others from the Internet, telecommunications, biomedical and cleantech sectors. Nearly half of the companies do sales and marketing in Europe and 15 percent have research and development operations there as well.

In Germany, 240 Israeli startups employ 3,135 Germans, while in France 183 Israeli companies employ 1,985 people. These two countries and the UK together employ 55% of all Israeli startup workers in Europe.

The map is part of an extensive report prepared by EIT Hub Israel, the Israel-Europe Research & Innovation Directorate (ISERD) of the Israel Innovation Authority, and CQ Global, an international recruiting company based in Israel.

The report was presented during an event honoring the 25th anniversary of the establishment of business relations between the EU and Israel, with participation by the ambassadors’ countries.

The authors of the study found that 16% of companies were assisted by the EU during the establishment and expansion phases. The major factors in their decision to work in Europe included the attractive market for their products, proximity to customers, legislation, support programs, and partners from the EU.

According to Yotam Tzuker, head of business development at CQ Global, “The geographical proximity between Europe and Israel, combined with the long and extensive history of political, social and economic ties, creates great potential for entrepreneurship and technology.”

Adi Barel, managing director of EIT Hub Israel, said the report is a strategic step in mapping the potential of Israel-Europe relations in the fields of economics and innovation and sets the scene for further developments and collaborations.