Israel’s delegation to a two-day investors’ conference in China this week is being called ‘unprecedented’ by the Ministry of Economy and Industry. At the event (tomorrow and Wednesday) in Beijing, 150 corporate leaders from 85 Israeli companies will meet with potential investors from all over China.

The conference is taking place with the participation of Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy, and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz, Director General of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and Industry Amit Lang, and Director of the Division for Foreign Investments and Industrial Cooperation Ziva Eger.

Israel runs economic offices in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Hong Kong.

“Economic relations between Israel and China are constantly strengthening. The Beijing conference is a natural extension of increasing economic activity between the two countries and will give investors a chance to get to know and connect with promising Israeli companies from different fields,” said Lang.

“This is the biggest event we have ever done in China, and one of the biggest events ever done in the number of participants,” Eger told Globes. “Around the event, 500-600 business meetings with potential investors from all over China have been scheduled for Israeli companies. The Chinese are already realizing the significance of investment in Israel and its great potential, and the goal of this conference is to reveal more information and data about Israel.”

Eger said the conference will showcase Israeli companies to the Chinese market, with an emphasis on life sciences, cleantech, agritech, Internet, mobile and advanced production technologies. “We are certain that investors will be impressed with the scope of the innovation and enterprise of the Israeli companies participating and we hope many partnerships will be created that will give the Israeli economy an additional boost.”

Among the Israeli companies taking part in the conference are Mobileye, Stratasys, and Water-Gen, as well as others.

In related news, the Ministry of Economy and Industry recently launched a new Mandarin Chinese-language website explaining business opportunities to be had in Israel.